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The story of Coma Astrophotography began with a peek through a telescope. I have studied astrophysics, astronomy, and all things science for many years. I knew about the planets, galaxies, nebulae, life cycles of stars and things like that. I knew about these objects from seeing them in books. I talked about them so much that my wife bought me a telescope.

The third night I had it out (it took me a couple nights to figure out how to find and focus on anything) I looked at Jupiter. I could see the bands on the planet and the four largest moons. Then I shifted to Saturn. I could see the rings around Saturn.

I was blown away. I had seen more impressive pictures in books, but I was looking at it in real life. There it is. Undisputable and real. I couldn't stop looking. I knew that if I stopped looking and put away my telescope, the image would go away. That felt like a crime against nature to let something so magnificent just go away. So it occurred to me; what if I could hook up a camera to the back of my telescope and take that picture. Then I would have the image forever and I wouldn't feel guilty about putting away my telescope.

So I began to research to see if there was a way to hook up a camera to a telescope. Alas, I found that not only was there a way, but it was a whole thing; with a name! It was called "Astrophotography". From that night forward I have been unable to pry my eyes away from the night sky and felt compelled to record the treasures that it holds.

Join me on my journey to appreciate and document the treasures in the night sky.