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This is the Ghost of Cassiopeia Nebula, 550 light years from Earth in the constellation of Cassiopeia taken from my pool deck. The foundation of this nebula is a cloud of dust and hydrogen gas. The gas is radiated by the star Gamma Cassiopeia (also called Navi), in the top of the image, causing the electrons in the gas to change energy states releasing light in the Hydrogen bandwidth. The same star, and some other bright stars in the area, also shine intense starlight on this cloud which reflects towards Earth. Thus, this nebula is classified as both an emission nebula and a reflection nebula.

Anyhow, 550 years ago, England was in the midst of “The War of the Roses”, Henry VI was released from the Tower of London and restored as King and this nebula launched some photons towards Earth. Last night I caught some of them.


The Ghost of Cassiopeia

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