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The Space Calendar (Earth Year 2022) showcses only pictures that I have taken from my pool deck with my own equipment. I selected a  picture to put on the calendar month based on my personal preference and the night sky for that month. Each month I display an object that is prominently displayed in our night sky during that month.


The reason I label the calendar as "Earth Year 2022" follows. The images you see on the calendar are the way they showed up to Earth on the night I captured them. Some of the photons that made up these images have been traveling through outer space for thousands of years. Others have been travelling through outer space for millions of years. So, even though I photographed these images over recent nights, we see the objects as they were thousands and even millions of years ago; not Earth Year 2022.


If you would like to read about one of these objects, find it on the photograph page and click on it to read the details. I include details about the object such as location, composition, distance from Earth, historical information, capture details, and any other information I find relevant.


If you would like a calendar with other objects from the web site displayed, click the contact me page and let me know what images you would like on each month. 


If you wouldlike a calendar with your own pictures on the months, that is no problem as well. Let's talk. Click the contact button.

Space Calendar Earth Year 2022

  • All months have standardized labels and text.

  • Image Labels, text and numbers are color coordinated to match the colors in the displayed image each month.

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